Agile Lean Business

Agile Lean Business

Businesses today have to be Agile! The “always on” global business world expects rapid responses to changing customer and brand needs. Agile working practices place a premium on interactions between individuals continuous feedback and transparency and active customer involvement. Agile practices mean more adaptivity and foster a philosophy and a mind-set that keeps businesses on top of their markets and a better fit in the world in which they now operate.



Change inputs to outputs


Corporate ritual places high value in inputs – productivity, documentation and meetings. Agile working recognizes that it is more important to measure and focus on working outputs, so Agile requirements are not detailed upfront. This allows for swift adaptation and minimizes the time spent on anything that doesn’t actually form part of the end product. A constant pace is maintained through a regular rhythm and pattern of sprints and iterative work cycles. Instead of waiting until an entire project is finished, priority is given to satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of value, meaning the output is highly relevant to the needs of the end user.


Responding to change over following a plan

Agile practices iterate along the way and welcome change. This iterative of chunking down big ideas and long timescales to smaller pieces which are capable of adapting and changing in response to a changing environment is a key part of Agile’s success. Small, incremental and measurable deliverables that minimize risk and keep better control on costs are key to Agile practices. Agile by its nature has the ability to adjust business and marketing to deal with the everyday customer's changing needs. Agile’s game-changing advance is breaking work (and analysis of success) into smaller chunks. Short "sprints" result in reduced timelines to complete chunks of work and evaluate success. This allows Agile businesses to make iterative course corrections much more quickly.



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