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Go Agile Go Lean is a division of Market Trading, Inc. our firm twenty five years experience in marketing, management and software development. Our firm is an innovative and rapidly growing training and consulting firm. We provide our clients with the newest proven techniques to deliver higher quality products quicker which increase profits

and customer satisfaction.



Our proven methodology provides our clients with tools to meet their customers needs.


To our business experts have extensive experience

to transform your company into high output firm.

Go Agile Go Lean provides cost-efficient solutions

that simply make good sense.

Get to know our people personally.

Key People

Our Staff's certifications.

You can trust us with your business transformation, because Go Agile Go Lean has expert staff with the certifications, education and real world experince. Click below to view the complete list of our certifications.


We're connected

The success business transformation also lies in its strategic alliances and partnerships. Go Agile Go Lean has cultivated relationships with some of the major industry players to provide you vast support network.


View a list of our professional partnerships, alliances and supported technologies.


Supported Technologies


Consulting Training and Coaching Expertise in:

Agile/ Lean  Business

Agile / Lean Marketing

Agile/ Lean IT Solutions

Agile/ Lean Enterprise Architecture

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