Key People

Michael Hoffman- CEO


He is the founder and CEO of Go Agile Go Lean a division of Market Trading, Inc. with over 25 years of experience.   Michael  is an industry leader in bridging business and technology disciplines to develop a practical practice that leverages existing methodologies (such as Pragmatic Marketing Framework,  Lean, Kanban,  Scrum…). His goal is to increase companies efficiencies, while getting higher quality products to market faster.  Another key factor is to create transparency with closer interaction with clients and increased response cycles.  Michael has developed training and coaching methods that have helped his clients achieve long-term sustainable productivity gains. He is a popular speaker at key global conferences. He is a frequent contributing author in several marketing journals an executive board member for the Korean Academy of Marketing Science (KAMS).  He has a Masters in International Business Administration from US International University and is a doctoral candidate in Marketing at Chanwang National University, South Korea.


Dr. Kyung Hoon Kim

Vice President Asia Operations

Doctorate in Marketing, United States International University


Dr Kim is one of the founding members of Go Agile Go Lean and brings over 25 years of marketing training and operational excellence.  He is the founder of KAMS and also the department head of marketing at Chanwang National University, South Korea.


Adam Just

Chief Technology Office

BS Computer Science, Carnagie Melon University


He brings 15 years technical experience in enterprise architecture working for the top fortune  500 companies. Adam is our senior technical consultant.

Jeff Roberts

Director of Technologies

MS Mechanical Engineering, UC San Diego


Brenda Aranda

Public Relations,

Marketing and Training


She has over 10 years’ experience in PR and Advertising. Brenda is bilingual and an excellent addition to our diverse team. She offers our clients professional communication, marketing and advertising plans. She is an expert graphic designer and a key contributor to our training material and collateral.


Consulting Training and Coaching Expertise in:

Agile/ Lean  Business

Agile / Lean Marketing

Agile/ Lean IT Solutions

Agile/ Lean Enterprise Architecture

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